Beşikdüzü Social Center and Environment, Public Open Spaces

Beşikdüzü, Trabzon, 2018

When the number of tourists coming to Trabzon is examined, we see that it increases every year. Although in Trabzon city there are some attraction points such as Sumela

Monastery and Uzungol, new attraction points are needed.

The cable car which is planned to be built to Beşikdüzü aims to establish a connection between Beşikdüzü and the sea and to be a new focus.

Restaurant, cafe, resting corners, view terraces, walkways and adventure parks are added to the elevated terraced elevations, and it support the hotel under construction at the

highest elevation.

Concrete, wood and glass materials were used for close units. The design area is shaped abundantly. There are potted areas designed in parallel with the wall for both visual and

security purposes on the walls limiting each terrace. It is thought that the cultivation of ivy in these areas