​Çanakkale Municipality Retail Stores and Community Center Competition

Çanakkale, 2018

Analysis and Context

The project area is located in the center of Çanakkale, one of the most important cities of history in terms of its geographical location and history. It is surrounded by public buildings

such as the Public Garden on the north, the Muammer Aksoy Park in the west, the Cumhuriyet Square, which is one of the most important squares of the city in the south, and the

Provincial Security Directorate, PT Directorate, State Hospital in the east. The direct relationship of the area with the shore is established via Mehmetcik Boulevard, Lise Street and

Cumhuriyet Boulevard. While environmental structures are mostly commercial buildings, the High School of Social Sciences is also important for the region's user profile. Due to the

location of the project area surrounded by the city square and parking areas, the main idea of ​​the design is combining these elements in the urban context and strengthen the urban


Desing Approach

Inner Square

The main approach of the design is to bring together the different and discrete masses, including eating and drinking units, shops, cinemas, and culture and art center functions, to

create a clear, spacious market square instead of creating a closed monolithic mass.

Collapsed Courtyard

Thanks to the collapsed courtyard and amphitheater to be formed within the scope of Muammer Aksoy Park design, the 1st basement floor of the project aims to establish a direct

relation with the outdoor space of the Children's Education Center, Music Workshops and Municipal Service Units functions.

Top Level Access

Accesing by an open corridor to eating- drinking units, shops, cinemas and the culture-art center which are located at the upper floor and connecting this corridor to inner square by

the elevator, to Cumhuriyet Square by an escalator, to public garden by a overpass aim an easy access.


The fragmented design of the building provides a direct connection to Muammer Aksoy park in the west, the Mehmetçik Boulevard and the Public Park in the north, the Cumhuriyet

Square in the south and it provides the integration of the inner square with these areas.

Approach to Structure

The approach to the building at the street level is provided by open parking lots on the high school street, passenger loading overlay pocket, pedestrian crossing connected to

Cumhuriyet Square, covered parking and service entrance, bicycle and motorcycle parking area in the north and Muammer Aksoy Park in the west.

Green Space Relation

The aim for the landscaping approach is to create an integrated design with the Cumhuriyet Square and Park, which is planned in accordance with the existing tree settlement of

Muammer Aksoy Park, pedestrian movement traffic.

Planning Decisions

Five separated blocks which are placed at the surrounding of inner square and two amorphous blocks which are in the inner square are planned for shareholders and rental space

needings of municipality. On this floor, all the independent units open to the outside and look at the Mehmetçik Boulevard, Muammer Aksoy Park, Cumhuriyet Square and the inner

square. The entrance to the south leads to a strong connection with the Cumhuriyet Square. The open escalators in this entrance connect the upper elevations of the building with

Cumhuriyet Square and Lise Street. The wide entrance axis opening to the Muammer Aksoy Park makes the park and the inner square a whole. The green texture of the park, small

trees that extend into the inner space and the water element invite users through the linear reflection pool. The proposed collapsed courtyard and amphitheater within the scope of

the reorganization of the park opens a valuable door to the basement of the building. The children's activity center, music workshops, handicraft workshops and municipal service

units, which are placed in the basement, are connected directly to the park, presented to the use of the city. Thanks to the amphitheater order of the collapsed courtyard, children's

activities, music concerts and art exhibitions can be performed in this area. The municipal service units provide direct connection to the outside and to the indoor car park. It is

suggested to move the existing trees in the lower courtyard to a location close to the park and to create a fluid form according to pedestrian movements in the green islands by

protecting all the trees outside this region. The elevator and open stair structure which are placed at the Mehmetçik Boulevard connects the first and the second basement, the

ground floor and the first and the second floor. The entrance and overpass in this direction provide comfortable access for users from the north. In the 1st floor of the building, mobile

cinemas and multipurpose halls with combined property were placed along with the commercial areas of the Municipality. On this floor there are open corridors facing the inner

square. Since the inner square and the corridors are open, it helps people to understand the construction easier, and makes the places such as shops, cinemas, cultural centers more

visible. The eating places placed on the 1st floor in the inner square are also designed as light masses in oval forms in order to protect this principle. All commercial units of the

Municipality on the 1st floor can be mezzanine. At the second floor, culture art center which includes a 300- seated multi-purposed hall was placed. By placing the multi-purposed hall

at this storey, the wide openings and high floor heights are provided with steel construction at the roof elevation. In the 1st and 2nd basement floors, technical and service units for

the project and its environment are planned.The entrance and exit is provided with a ramp via Lise Street.