Apartment in Galata

Galata, İstanbul, 2017

The Serdar-ı Ekrem street, where the project area is located, is on an axis connecting the Galata Tower and the Tophane region. The most important feature of the street in terms of

architectural characteristics is the fact that it has bay windows with different styles and qualities. In the Galata region, especially the historical buildings and the bay windows on this

narrow street show the socio-cultural and architectural diversity of the region. The different features, dimensions and height of the cumbers in the buildings on the street together

form a characteristic integrity and dynamism. When buildings with similar architectural styles come together, the differences of the height of the bay windows support this dynamism

and this helps to avoid monotony. The project area is the empty space between the buildings which have bay windows. The bay window order of the Serdar-ı Ekrem street is

interrupted at the point where the project area is located. In the design of the project, it is aimed to maintain the architectural effect of the bay windows with the façade-window

pattern of the street by using modern techniques. In the direction of the sketches and abstractions made about the Serdar-ı Ekrem street and the project area silhouette, a facade

layout was formed by taking into consideration the window layout and rates. On the first floor, a single-storey room with a balcony, steel structure and glass systems was added.

This bay window is located on the southeast side of the building and has similar dimensions and proportions with the bay window of the registered structure and the other bay

windows on the street.