Beyoğlu, 2018

Haus Suites is located in the Şişhane part of Bankalar Street which was considered as the first financial center in the Ottoman period. The building was designed as a 2-storey

residential building having a bay window with commercial function on the ground floor in late 1800’s, and 3 more storeys was added in republic period. Over the years, the first

settlers of the region, the Jewish community was moved from there and the electricity and lighting traders took their places. This building was used as a commercial building with

storage functions at the upper floors like other buildings. During this transformation, original features of the building were damaged because of the interventions.

For this reason, firstly the divider walls which were added later and imposes extra burden; and the elements that causes a façade pollution were removed. All original doors and

windows are cleaned by hand-workmanship and was varnished. The original floor wood coverings were repaired and polished, the wall plaster was removed by hand workmanship

and firebrick wall texture was brought out into the open.

For the interior design of the building which transformed into a boutique hotel, it is aimed to create simple spaces, to feel the historic texture of the city and to make guests as if they

are at their home.

In the interior of the room, the walls and ceiling surfaces are painted white and the floor wood claddings are painted with the color of the walnut tree to provide simplicity. It is

intended that furnitures are lightly and thinly used and minimally preferred so that structural elements are prioritized. The electrical and mechanical installation has been completely

renewed and they were hided newly produced lightweight divider walls, bathrooms are made semi-permeable with painted metal framing glass divider and at the same time, it is

aimed to minimize the loss of area. The fact that the ceramics used in the bathrooms are small sized and placed half height of the walls also refer to the old building production

techniques. The old interior function of bay windows has been restored and a place where two people can sit together is designed.