Artur Business Center(IAT)

Bayraklı, İzmir, 2018

With the request of the employer, in order for the optimization of the façade and the reconsideration of the façade design, the completed official project of Artur Business Center

was redesigned regarding the proportions of façade patterns, entrance halls and floor halls. Regarding the region it is located in, fruitful façade patterns and façade materials play a

significant role for the design as they fulfill the requirements of illumination, ventilation and circulation with respect to the climate. As the building is designed as a business center

that will especially operate during daytime, maximized utilization of daylight is a major criteria for design. A façade that decreases the long-term usage costs and satisfies the

optimum illumination and ventilation functions becomes a fundamental component of the structure. With vertical façade fractions and bordered metal surfaces, a long-term saving

in terms of production, usage and maintenance is aspired to be reached. Entrance hall, floor halls, circulation halls and the façades of the storeys are customized for various

purposes. Design and usage processes are considered together. The main aspiration of the design is to combine the structure with its environment with a practical façade rather than

a flamboyant one.