​ KY Hotel

Eyüpsultan, İstanbul, 2017

With Istanbul's urban transformation, industrial production zones evolved into residential and tourism areas, and significantly affected the Rami region around the Golden Horn. The

KY Hotel project, located in this region, is an alternative to the city view on the Istanbul peninsula for increasing tourism potential. The entrance and the 1st floor of the building were

arranged as an open air bazaar for the use of city which is reached from Rami Kisla Street. The ground floor is planned as a green terrace roof and supported by eating places

located in this area.

The entrance to the hotel is provided on the Uzak Çiftlik Street, which is located on the side. The entrance and circulation connections made from this point are connected directly to

the center point of the hotel block in the L plan layout.

The hotel block is connected to the terrace roof and the hotel has a lobby and restaurant floor which opens onto the dining areas of the hotel's terrace roof. In the terrace areas on

this floor, the hotel's outdoor social functions such as invitations, entertainment, sports, swimming, etc. are covered and supported by the openable spaces in the hotel block


The 8-storey hotel block consists of 270 rooms and the majority of the rooms overlook the Haliç-İstanbul landscape direction. The hotel is designed with a completely transparent

facade facing the landscape and the city facing the block.