Noble Suites N22

Gümüşsuyu, İstanbul, 2017

Noble 22 Suites is an urban boutique hotel transformation project in Gümüşsuyu district of historical Istanbul. Built in 70s, the building is one of the buildings situated on a steep road

leading from Taksim Square to the Bosphorus. The building, which was used as an office, was re-interpreted in the urban context for tourists visiting the city, and was transformed

into a boutique hotel with 22 rooms.

The facades of the building are designed to fit the city's historical and urban mind, leaving wide openings from the steep hills of Gümüssuyu to the fascinating Bosphorus view.

Küfeki stone was used in the façades and consoles and the façade was interpreted as a modernization of the traditional Istanbul architecture, privacy and intimacy balance. The

design of the narrower rear façade is characterized by transparency and fragility, and has been shaped in the search for an inviting attitude towards the sunshine and the


The interior design of the hotel was accepted as a continuation of the overall design attitude determined for the building. The interior materials and details were applied by

interpreting the local tastes and handicrafts of the region. The design of the facade and interiors was completed with the aim of modernizing the traditional Istanbul life and interior

use habits in order to reflect the spirit of history and to provide an experience for the guests in today's modern hotel conditions.