19 Mayıs Open Air Museum Competition

Samsun, 2017

The city of Samsun has a unique historical memory with its long-standing archeological structure and the beginning of the war of Independence, which guided the world history. The

investments, expansions and needs have improved the city in the process and removed the historical essence and the focus from the shoreline. The project area covers the coastal

areas between the commercial port in the northwest and the Mert River in the southeast and the 19 May Boulevard, Atatürk Park, Cumhuriyet Square and the Old Tobacco Factory

(Bulvar AVM) Square, which are the extension of these areas to the city. The shores of the coastline, coast rail, Atatürk Boulevard, Fair Street break the city's connection with the

coastline. After the Black Sea International Fair period, the casinos which lost the popularity and the foreigners market formed in the process became the building groups that did not

form a point of attraction for the citizens in the coastline. Kurtuluş İskelesi which is representing the setting foot, Mustafa Kemal’s and his fellow fighters’ statues have remained as

outdated narratives in a monumental and museum context Within the project scope, it is aimed to strengthen the relations of the coastline with the cities and visitors and to create a

theme within the context of "May 19" which will take place in daily life.