Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Mersin Service Building(TB33)

Mersin, 2018

Designed as the service building of the provincial directorate of food, agriculture and livestock, the building is located on the Adnan Menderes Boulevard in Mersin. Its closeness to

the sea makes the facility’s location exclusive. Apart from being a natural harbor on the shore of Mediterranean Sea, the climate of the region is Mediterranean (climate). Regarding

the abundance of sunny days, public service units are designed with a canopy. Structures are elevated from the ground and its top is covered with a canopy. By this means, a

continuous airflow from the sea to the land and natural ventilation in the interiors is provided. Despite the abundance of the sunny days, the active usage of open and semi-open

spaces aims to be increased with the help of the canopy. Additionally, water components are designed with respect to such aim. The fact that it serves as a car park both for itself

and its environment and possesses sun protected open spaces inside the city, results in a functional and economical structure, which is favorable for both the employees and the

daily visitors.