Kars, 2018

Having been designed in an area close to the airport, Karis Shopping Center and Hotel is the first shopping center of the city in this scale. Each change Kars faced throughout the

history, especially Ani Ruins, is considered as input to design and creates an entirety with Kars’s historical background. Another factor influencing the design process is the closeness

to the Kars Airport. In order to prevent the deficiency of brightness level in the interior spaces, an interior courtyard is designed and homogeneous brightness level is reached

since non-reflective materials must be used for the roof and façade. The abundance of snowy days and factors such as the drainage of the snow load played an important role

in the design process of the roof. Therefore, in terms of productivity and functionality the design of the roof and the interior courtyard are the determinant construction characteristics.

The spaces occurred due to the slope of the roof are used as offices and multi-function halls. By this means, it is ensured that Karis is used actively at all hours of the day apart

from its shopping center function. The hotel complex/block is designed independently from the shopping center and the office structures. Designing its façade facing the airport,

each room is provided with equal airport vista. The secondary functions of the hotel are positioned facing the interior courtyard of the shopping center. Thus, secondary functions

such as social area and food & beverage spaces of the hotel are intended to act as an extension of the social life in the interior courtyard.