Beylikdüzü, İstanbul, 2018

There are two fundamental reasons of the migration to Beylikdüzü takes place inside of İstanbul. First of all, as previously mentioned, there is a planned construction and adequate

infrastructure. Secondly, there is an increasing desire to be a householder. According to questionnaires, the %35 of the migrated people are now householders whereas previously

they were tenants. The density increase in the city centers and the shift of industrialization from the city centers to urban periphery resulted in a migration alongside. Separating

work, commercial and residential spaces in terms of function while gathering them in the same medium is the trend applied in the metropolitan cities and the primary example of

such trend is Letchworth, England formed in 1903. The analysis of the dwellings in Turkey reveals a shift from traditional dwellings, whichwere present until the final stages of the

Ottoman Empire to apartment blocks due to an increase in the foreigner population in İstanbul. And now the apartment blocks are thedominating structures in Turkey. Akaretler

can be taken into consideration in terms of development during Industrial Revolution. Even though private usage is aimed beforehand, therowed design creates an approach similar

to mass housing. Akaretler Sıraevler, was built by Sarkis Balyan in 1875 as public housing for the prominent agas of the Dolmabahçe Palace during the ruling period of Sultan

Abdülaziz. Doğan Apartment which was built by Herbig Family in Galata, İstanbul in 1893 is a significant example of this period. With its’ French balconies and baroque ornamentations

the apartment differs from the accustomed residential structures. The unique plans of this residential complex consist of two entrances and a central courtyard. Arif Paşa Apartment

with its’ courtyard is another apartment block similar to Doğan Apartment. It is built in Genovese Architecture style with a central courtyard surrounded by blocks. Having a total area

of 800 m2 the complex is compromised of 32 flats, 7 storeys, 3 blocks, 4 entrances, a courtyard and offices in the courtyard. The old projects in Beylikdüzü consist of gated communities

without securities with 4-5 blocks and green. However, with the thoughts of unearned income and idea of gated community resulted in a shift on the formation of the projects. These

mentioned gated communities are isolated and self-sufficient city blocks suitable to today’s trend. Even though the idea of multi functional design combined with residential spaces

seems contributing to Beylikdüzü it is not compliant with the understanding of neighborhood. Boulevard like attempts which refer the public to new axis are not present. Beylikdüzü

is one of the districts of İstanbul with the highest population growth rate. Being between the organized industrial zone and rural settlement Beylikdüzü requires more residential

complexes, which are in contact with the city (life). The settlement and positioning of the proposed residential complex for this project is both concentric with commercial structures

and appropriate for residential privacy. The 3 blocked settlement on the parcel no 860 influenced the organization of the education and commercial structures on the parcel no 841.